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The Rove backpack is a popular and modern anti theft backpack. There are a number of easy access hidden external pockets to make finding your Rove pen or mobile phone a breeze. It also has an integrated USB charging port to keep your phone or rove battery topped up when you are out.


  • Anti-Theft Technology​: The zippers of the main and side pockets are fully hidden in the back of this bag, securing the location of your precious belongings. 
  • USB Charge Port​: This backpack is equipped with an external USB and a charging cable that offers quick and easy charging of your mobile devices anywhere.
  • Maximum Capacity​: Fitted with a variety of secret pockets, the Anti-Theft Backpack ensures to protect your belongings while providing an abundance of storage space.
  • Water/Cut Resistance:​ The backpack is composed of 5 different layers, providing 5 levels of protection for your valuables. Cutting into your bag is made especially difficult. Water is reflected off these protective layers, stopping your electronics from being damaged.

This is the last backpack you will ever need!